A type of a sight hound, the Mudhol Hound is one of those breeds which has the most versatile names used. Like many other hound breeds found in India, Mudhol Hounds are strikingly loyal towards their owners and do not hesitate in attacking a stranger if they feel any kind of danger. It displays a lot of companionship and tolerance towards other dogs but might snap at any human if they are unknown to the dog. 

The mudhol hound dogs are particularly very healthy breeds and can easily combat Indian climatic conditions with their breeding and grooming. 

These dogs can make for a great watch dog for the family bu the owners should be particularly careful of their temperament as it can be fragile and in some cases harmful. 

Quick Information

Height26 – 28 inches (66 – 71 Cm)
Weight22 – 28kgs (48 – 61 lbs)
CoatShort and dense
Tendency to droolLow
TemperamentLoyal, energetic
Life span13-14 years
ColorsFawn/ mix
Availability Moderate
Country of OriginIndia
Smell SniffingGood


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mudhol hounds full grown picture
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Predominantly found in the Deccan plateau region. The Mudhol Hound is said to be a very ancient breed. The dogs belonging to this breed lead a very nomadic life as they accompanied their owners in caravans who were also nomads. 

These dogs were originally brought to India by Pathans, Arabs, Persians and Afghans and hence are said to be a very old breed which has been living in India ever since. 

Temperament And Behaviour

Mudhol Hound Dogs are good at socialising and are often seen developing bonds with people around them. They can be warm and affectionate towards the ones they are aware of but can display short temperament towards strangers. 

They are devoted and intelligent. They never respond well to harsh treatments. They demand courtesy, decency and respect or else might turn aggressive. 

These dogs are highly energetic and demand a lot of exercise to stay fit and behave properly. Exercising is one good way to channelize their aggression and energy. They do not make for good apartment dogs though. 

Health And Care

Mudhol Hound dogs are one of the healthiest breeds ever known and do not carry any specific lineage of health issues concerning them. Their ability to courageously face harsh weather conditions has made them versatile and successfully fight different ailments which are otherwise common to other breeds. 

However, these dogs lack a layer of fat in their body because of which they can develop rashes on their skin. In adverse cold or rains, they can develop chill bites which harsh sun can give them sunburns. 

One common diseases in the dogs belonging to this breed is marasmus, a sort of liver malfunction when the food is not absorbed in their body. Due to such condition, the dog always looks malnourished even if they eat a lot as they fail to gain weight.


  • Mudhol Hound dogs are zero hassle dogs and are very very easy to groom. 
  • They absolutely love massages and also require brushing just once or twice a week. 
  • Brushing the dog’s teeth frequently and regularly is of utmost significance as it will help them remove the tartar which would otherwise be stuck on their teeth and ensure fresh breath at all times. 
  • This will also reduce the chances of your developing and gum diseases in the future. 
  • The toe nails should also be carefully and regularly chipped as their nails have veins in them, which if chipped, can be disastrously painful for the dog. 
  • All in all, the grooming regime should be made regular since their puppyhood to ensure they do not develop any temperament in the future. 


  • The dogs of this breed need consistent training under a firm trainer who treats them with courtesy and respect. 
  • They might grow to be nervous and might not get rid of such temperament once they grow up. 
  • They should be adequately socialised not just with humans but also with other smaller animals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the breed price in India?

A Mudhol Hound dog in India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 8000 to Rs. 15000 (INR, ₹).

Q2. What is the breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

While a Mudhol Hound puppy can cost anywhere between $300 and $500 (USD, $) in the USA, it can cost 500 pounds (GBP, £) upwards in UK and around $400 (CAD, Can$) and upwards in Canada.

Q3. What is the life expectancy of a Mudhol Hound?

A Mudhol Hound can live on an average somewhere between 13 to 14 years, and sometimes even more.

Q4. What is the average size of an adult Mudhol Hound?

While a male Mudhol Hound can grow up to 28 inches tall, a female Mudhol Hound can grow up to a height of 26 inches.

Q5. Are Mudhol Hound a friendly breed?

A Mudhol Hound is usually friendly with all kinds of people they meet especially children. They are fun loving, caring, obedient and energetic but might snap at strangers sometimes.

Q6. Do Mudhol Hounds need exercise?

Yes, Mudhol Hounds are active dogs that require some sort of exercise daily. Lack of exercise can develop certain disorders and conditions otherwise.

Q7. What is the average weight of a Mudhol Hound?

A Mudhol Hound is a medium sized breed dog and can weigh anywhere between 22 kgs to 28kgs easily.

Q8. What should I feed my Mudhol Hound?

Mudhol Hound dogs need nutrition-rich food that provides it with the required amount of energy. Pedigree food can be a good choice.