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About Us - Pets Plaza

About Us

Welcome to PetsPlaza.in, an all-in-one destination for everything related to your lovely pets.

We all love our pets as our own ones! Don’t we?

They usher in happiness, calmness, security and on top of all that they love us back with no expectations.

As an adage goes – a dog is a man’s best friend, any pet gives us so much happiness and affection that helps us tremendously.

All that we need to do for them is to take care of them and ensure that they get the best of protection. It is exactly this love for pets that drives our team at petsplaza.in to curate the best and honest content that will help you achieve your goal of taking care of your pets.

Who are we?

I am Shreyas Nagpal, a doctor by profession and self-professed nature and animal lover. My love for pets started at a very young age when we had several buffaloes, sheep, goats and hens back in in my hometown.

The way they were an integral part of our daily life and the affection and care with which my grandparents and parents looked after them infused an endearing love for these adorable creatures.

Over the years, this continued to grow and made me acquire several pets despite moving to a city to pursue my career.

However, I could sense that pet owners have several doubts about which pets to choose, how to take care of them, what to feed them, how to accessorize them and more importantly how to ensure that they stay healthy.

The ubiquity of internet and own team’s expertise in handling pets drove us to curate the best content for your perusal. We hope you love our content and should there be any suggestions, we are all ears!

We curate choicest products, health tips, pet care articles and honest product reviews for your little pets.

We also help sell local shops list the pets, food supplies and accessories they sell for cats, dogs, fishes, puppies and kittens etc.