Kombais or Combais are pure breed dogs whose origination can be traced back to South India. Known to be extremely loyal, protective, and intelligent, they got an excellent reputation as guard dogs. However, that doesn’t mean Kombais can’t be good family dogs.

They are affectionate and loving towards their owners and very devoted. People do say about this breed that if you own a Kombai, you get a loyal friend for life. 

Kombais were initially used by people for hunting wild animals and for protecting their crops and properties. With time, more people started accepting them as family dogs due to their affectionate and affable nature.

While Kombais are purebred dogs, there has been a lot of cross breeding going on, and due to great difference in their physical appearance, it is tough to differentiate a crossbred Kombai from a purebred.

Kombais are low-maintenance dog and can adapt easily anywhere, soif you are looking to own a Kombai, you are in for a treat. Read on to know more about this breed and find the answer to the most important question you are here for: is Kombai the right breed for you and your family?

Quick information

Height15-20 inches (38 – 51 Cm)
Weight45-65lbs (21-30 Kg)
CoatShort and rough
Tendency to droolMild
TemperamentCourageous, loyal, intelligent
Life span9-13 years
ColorsTan brown, reddish brown
SheddingMinimal, occasional shedding
Availability Rare 
Country of OriginIndia
Smell SniffingModerate



Kombais history can be traced back to the 15th century in India, particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, when they were used by the royals as well as the common people to hunt wild animals like deer, boars and bears. Some experts also believe that Kombais were used to protect people from tigers, such was their courage and fierceness.

 Even the history books talk about the valour of this breed. In the book Military Reminiscences written by the British historian Colonial Jams Welsh, he recounts how fiercely Kombais guarded the fort of Maruthu Pandiyar brothers in Tamil Nadu in the 18th century, and how the Britishers had to kill these pack of dogs just so they can enter the fort. Because of their courage and their loyal nature, Kombais are still used by the Indian police in some states of South India.

But with time, hunting in India reduced significantly and so did the popularity of Kombais. In fact, these dogs are currently a rarity and not found easily. Also, there has been a growing trend of popularity of non-native dog breeds in India which has led to only few people keeping Kombais as pets now.

Temperament and Behaviour

Many people call Kombais as the Pitbull of India. They are known for their aggressiveness, formidable guarding instincts, and intelligence. But they are also quite loyal, affectionate and always eager to please their owners. 

While Kombais are loving towards their owners and their family including children, their protective nature makes them a bit aggressive towards strangers. They also don’t socialize well with dogs and other animals, so if you have other pets, make sure that you socialize them with Kombais at a young age and do it slowly as being patient is the key here. Also, if you have children around Kombais, ask them to be gentle around this breed as they can get irritated easily when rough-treated and can react aggressively.

Kombais are affectionate towards their owners but don’t expect them to be clingy. They are independent dogs that like to be on their own and from time to time. This doesn’t mean they don’t love you, it only means that they are not big on showing affection. Truth is if a Kombai loves you, it will give its life to protect you and your family.

Kombais adapt well to different environment, so an apartment is as good to them as a large house. However, urban living is not meant for this breed. They are highly energetic and agile, and need a lot of space for physical stimulation.

Because Kombais originally belong from South India where it gets unusually hot during summers, they tolerate heat quite well, but are not good with winters due to their short coat and might get sick in cold climate areas.

Health and Care

  • Kombais are tough dogs with a very few underlying health conditions. When they are cared for properly, they can easily live up to around 12-14 years, sometimes even more than that.
  • You don’t have to make vet visits often with them, just once a couple of months is enough in order to check that your pet is healthy and fine.
  • Kombais are tough dogs that can survive in rough conditions easily. They are medium sized dogs and need proper nutrition daily to grow and remain fit.
  • Ensure that you feed your pet three times a day with nutritious food, probably chicken, rice, eggs and dog food such as kibbles that is available in markets near you. 

Common Health Problems

While Kombais are essentially a healthy breed, they do suffer from some health risks. Because they have pendent shaped ears, the owners must clean the ears regularly or they might face a risk of ear infection.
Another common health problems that Kombais suffer from is hip dysplasia where the thigh bones are not fused properly at the hip joint. This can cause pain and problem while walking and running, but can be managed easily with medications. Because Kombais are bred in the subcontinent where it gets really hot and humid, an environment perfect for the growth of bacteria and virus, these dogs also might suffer from various skin infections.

Some of the most common health problems faced by Kombais are:

  1. Hip dysplasia
  2.  Mouth and ear infection
  3. Mange
  4. Dermatitis 
  5. Dermoid sinus


Kombais have short and dense coat and they don’t shed much so regular grooming is not required. You can brush their coats once in a while to remove the dead hair and manage the shedding.

  • Kombais however have sensitive skin so while brushing make sure you apply gentle pressure and aren’t too rough.
  • There is also no need to bathe them regularly. Bathing them frequently can wash way their natural oils and leave the coat rough and itchy.
  • Do make sure that you trim your dog’s nails frequently. Untrimmed nails can break and cause pain and discomfort to your dog. Frequent ear cleaning is also a must.
  • As already mentioned above, Kombais have pendent shaped ears which make them susceptible to ear infection. You don’t need to hire a professional groomer for your Kombai. They are very low-maintenance and grooming them is easy and not time-consuming.


  • Training a Kombai requires lot of patience. They are intelligent dogs but also stubborn, hence difficult to train. That’s why we don’t recommend Kombais for new pet owners.
  • They need to be trained by someone who is experienced, so if you are a new pet owner, you should hire a professional trainer to effectively train your Kombai.
  • Kombais are also emotionally sensitive dogs, hence, positive reinforcement is the best way to train them. 
  • Leash training is very important with Kombais. Because of their hunting nature, they tend to chase and attack when they see a possible prey, hence you need to know how to control them.
  • Whenever you take your dog on a walk, make sure it is wearing a leash and also ensure that it listens to you.  Don’t keep your pet in cage for long as they hate enclosed spaces and can get aggressive if enchained for a long period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Kombai breed price in India?

Buying a Kombai in India can cost you somewhere between Rs. 3000 to Rs.8000 (INR, ₹)

Q2. What is Kombai breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

The average price of a Kombai puppy in the USA can be somewhere around $1500-$3000 (USD, $), in Canada and UK the price is unknown as the breed is rarely found in these countries.

Q3. Are Kombais aggressive?

Kombais are essentially fierce and aggressive dogs but when trained properly their aggression can be controlled effectively

Q4. Do Kombais need regular exercise?

Yes, your Kombai does need regular exercise as they are active and agile dogs. Not giving them regular exercise can cause them to be aggressive and destructive

Q5. What is the average litter size of Kombais?

The average litter size of a Kombai is usually 5 to 8 puppies

Q6. Are Kombais hypoallergenic?

No, Kombais are not a hypoallergenic breed. Even though they have dense and short coat, people with fur allergy should not own this breed as it can create breathing problems for them. 

Q7. Are Kombais apartment friendly?

When trained well and given regular exercise, Kombais can adapt well in apartments. they are quite active and need a lot of physical stimulation which usually requires a home with enough space.

Q8. What vaccines should I get my Kombai?

Make sure you get your Kombai vaccinated with canine parvovirus, and distemper at frequent intervals. Also, ask your vet to provide you with a deworming vaccination plan for your dog.