The Kumaon Mastiff (pronounced US: Ku-maon mas-tif) is a breed native to Himalayan Mountain’s Kumaon Region. It is a rare breed characterized by lean and muscled stature that dignifies strength.

It is distinct from the rest because of its loose skin, which is prominent around the neck area. Other defining characteristics include hanging ears, dark muzzle, almond eyes, and large and broadhead.

Quick information

Other namesIndian Mastiff, Cypro Kukur, Bulli
TypeLivestock Guardian Dog, Guard Dog, Watchdog, Companion Dog
Traits Smart, active, friendly, loyal, brave
Weight 150 to 180 pounds (68.03 Kgs – 81.64 Kgs)
Height 21 to 26 inches (1.75 – 2.16 Feet)
Colors Brindle
Country of Origin India
Litter Size2-6 puppies
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Barking tendency Average to high
Good with other pets Yes
Hypoallergic No
Lifespan 10 to 12 years 

Kumaon Mastiff Dog Pictures

History of Kumaon Mastiff

Kumaon Mastiff is a rare dog breed believed to originate from the Himalayan Mountains and bred by Kumaon, a native Indian tribe.

Some dog experts believed that Kumaon Mastiff originated in Cyprus and eventually propagated to the Himalayan Regions. This breed also shares physical features with the Indian Mastiff.

From India, these dogs were introduced to Europe in the 19th century, such as in Italy and Finland. Up until today, you can find Kumaon Mastiff in these European countries. 

Temperament and Behavior

Kumaon Mastiff is known for being aggressive and fierce, especially with its huge and heavily-muscled stature. It can be intimidating, which is not ideal for first-time fur parents.

However, early training and socialization can tame aggressive behavior and fierce temperament. In addition, their gentle and loving personality can be enhanced with the proper training.

Socialization must start during puppyhood, making it easier for the dog to adapt to the home environment.

If these dogs are trained properly, they make a perfect family pet – loyal, affectionate, and protective, especially if they sense threat or danger. 

Health and Care

Kumaon Mastiff is energetic and would require an outlet to release their energy. A part of caring for Kumaon Mastiff includes the following:

  • Exercise daily to keep the dog fit and healthy.
  • Give the dogs toys such as balls to keep them busy and stimulate mental faculty.
  • Give the dogs a fiber-rich diet divided into three equal meals.

Common Health Problems

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Gastric torsion 
  • Elbow dysplasia
  • Vaginal hyperplasia
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Persistent pupillary membrane 


  • Brush the coat using a rubber curry brush every once a week.
  • Bathing must be done on an as-needed basis, ideally once every week or every other week.
  • Trim overgrown nails to prevent pain and discomfort when walking.
  • Brush the teeth every week.
  • Clean the ears regularly to avoid ear infections.


Training must be done at a young age. Kumaon Mastiff has a high tendency to bark, so you have to train it while still a puppy.

  • Ignore the barking behavior. Don’t shout back as the dog will perceive it as a word of motivation.
  • Teach simple commands like sit and stay using praise and reward.
  • Reduce the possibility of aggression by keeping your dog physically and mentally active through walking, running, and playing. 
  • Socialization with other pets and humans must begin as a puppy to suppress the dog’s inherent aggressive traits. 

What is Kumaon mastiff breed price in India

A Kumaon mastiff puppy can cost you between Rs.60000- Rs.100000 in India.

What is Kumaon mastiff breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A Kumaon mastiff puppy will cost around $1000-$2000 (USD, $) in the USA, and price is unknown in Canada and UK

Do Kumaon mastiffs shed a lot?

No, Kumaon mastiffs shed minimum amount of fur as they have soft, short coat and so require only occasional grooming

What is the average life of a Kumaon mastiff?

Kumaon mastiffs usually live up to 10-12 years, and are known for being healthy and nor=t prone to any serious illness

Do Kumaon mastiffs need regular exercise?

Kumaon mastiffs are active dogs with good physical strength and thus require good amount of daily exercise.

What is the average height of Kumaon mastiff?

The average height of a Kumaon mastiff is usually between 21-26 inches (1.75 – 2.16 Feet)

Do Kumaon mastiffs make good family pets?

When trained properly, Kumaon mastiffs make great family pets and are protective, loving and loyal.

What is the average weight of Kumaon mastiffs?

Kumaon mastiffs have an average weight ranging from 150 to 180 lbs (68.03 Kgs – 81.64 Kgs).