St Bernard is the one of the most beloved breeds across the globe. They are observant, watchful and are also termed as ‘watchful nannies’ for children.

They can come out as massive, imposing, and extraordinarily muscular sometimes as they moderately huge in size. They might drool more than any normal dog breed but at the same time they are extremely affectionate and display versatility in ring shows, weight pulling competitions and obedience trials. 

This dog breed is considered to be kid friendly, can easily tolerate cold weather but are not so comfortable in hot weather. They have a low prey drive but also show a lot of potential for playfulness.

Quick Information

Height25-27 inches ( 55.1 – 63.5 Cm )
Weight120-200 lbs ( 54.43 – 90.71847 Kgs)
CoatFlat and dense
Tendency to droolHigh
TemperamentIntelligent, muscular, affectionate
Life span8-10 years
ColorsRed and white, brindle and white
Country of OriginSwitzerland
NatureLoving, Pacid
Smell Sniffing Very good



St Bernards were traditionally thought to be originated from monasteries in 11th Century in the Swiss Alps. However, their first traces date back to about only 600 years later but similarly in monasteries. 

They were first used as watchdogs until their life saving capabilities were verified and observed for. Over the next couple of centuries, they were said to have saved thousands of human lives. Today, they aren’t just kept as watch dogs but also for the affection and attention they provide to a family and have stated themselves as great human companions especially for growing children.

Temperament And Behaviour

St Bernards are probably considered as one of the most trustworthy dogs due to their homely, friendly and welcoming nature. They come out as really patient creatures and can be left around children to serve as great companions. They thrive from adequate love from their owner family. They are patient and socialise easily which makes their training comparatively easy. 

Health And Care

  • When it comes to health issues for St Bernards, they can develop a host of diseases and bodily conditions which can trigger different behaviours in their body. 
  • One of the most common conditions observed in them is hip dysplasia where the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly in the hip joint. Sometimes it can be hereditary while other times it can be due to excessive feeding or lack of regular exercise. 
  • Apart from the aforementioned, these dogs should be carefully protected from other conditions like Entropion, Dilated Cardiomyopathy, Epilepsy, Seizures etc. 


  • St Bernards genetically possess 2 coats, short haired and long haired. While the short coat can be smooth yet dense, the long coat is not so. 
  • St Bernards need a lot of time investment for their healthy grooming. They demand grooming at an average rate of 4 times a week to ensure that all their dead hair is removed. A rubber brush or a hand glove can be used for short hair variety. 
  • However, they might not be needed to have a bath regularly as they have an oily coat on their body. 


  • St Bernards need moderate training levels since they are pretty intelligent. Their training sessions can be trouble free and fun as they display a calm yet fun loving personality. 
  • It is always a good choice to adequately socialise when they are at their puppy stage else they may become stubborn later. Leash training also shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

Frequent Asked Questions – FAQs

Q1. What is St Bernard breed price in India? 

A St Bernard dog in India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 45000 to Rs. 50000 (INR, ₹).    

Q2. What is St Bernard breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

While a St Bernard puppy can cost anywhere between $1000 and $1500 (USD, $) in the USA, it can cost 1000 pounds (GBP, £) upwards in UK and around $800 (CAD, Can$) and upwards in Canada.

Q3.  What is the life expectancy of a St Bernard?

A St Bernard can live on an average somewhere between 10 to 12 years, and sometimes even more. 

Q4. What is the average size of an adult St Bernard?

While a male St Bernard can grow up to 25 inches tall, a female St Bernard can grow up to a height of 27 inches.

Q5. Are St Bernard a friendly breed?

A St Bernard is usually friendly with all kinds of people they meet especially children. They are fun loving, caring, obedient and energetic

Q6. Do St Bernards need exercise?

Yes, St Bernards are active dogs that require some sort of exercise daily. Lack of exercise can develop certain disorders and conditions otherwise. 

Q7. What is the average weight of a St Bernard?

A St Bernard is a medium sized breed dog and can weigh anywhere between 120lbs to 200lbs (54.4 to 90.7 K) easily.

Q8. What should I feed my St Bernard?

St Bernard dogs need nutrition-rich food that provides it with the required amount of energy. Pedigree food can be a good choice.