The Lhasa Apso (pronounced: US “LAH-suh-AHP-so”) is a dog breed that originated from Tibet. It is a guard dog/watchdog of the monasteries and palaces of Tibet. Lhasa Apso is now a family companion dog from being a guard dog, someone who easily adapts to any home.

However, as a fur parent, you must meet your dog’s needs and train it early as it can be stubborn at times because of its huge personality. It is small, but it thinks and feels like a huge dog.

Quick information

Other NamesBearded Lion Dog, Lhasa
Height9 to 11 inches (0.75 -0.91 Feet)
Weight13 to 15 pounds (5.8 Kgs -6.8 Kgs)
CoatLong and straight
SnoreYes, Low
Tendency to droolYes, Mild
Tendency to barkHigh
TemperamentFriendly, but sometimes aloof
Lifespan12 to 15 years
ColorsWhite, brown, yellow, cream, black
Shedding amountOccasional
Tendency to BarkMedium
Breed SizeSmall
Breed GroupNon-Sporting
ExerciseDaily Walk Needed

Pictures of Lhasa Apso

History of Lhasa Apso Dog

Lhasa Apso Dogs are from the cold mountains of Tibet. They are an ancient breed derived from breeding Tibetan Terrier and other Tibetan dogs of herding type. It is referred to as a lion dog because of its full coat, leonine color, and head full of hair.

It is believed that the Tibetan priests (lamas) reincarnated as Lhasa Apsos if they didn’t reach nirvana. Lhasa Apsos are pets of the Dalai Lamas and are also used as gifts for special guests.

They were sent to China from Tibet, which paved the way to other breeds like Pekingese and Shih Tzu. Lhasa Apso eventually reached other parts of the world, such as North America and Europe.

Temperament and Behavior

Lhasa Apsos are guard/watchdogs, which explains why they are aloof to strangers. They bark at strangers, but they make a perfect companion/family dog with careful and thorough training.

They can be very trusting, gentle, and affectionate. However, if not trained well, their sharp barking can be a nuisance.

They are good with other dogs and pets, but their suspicious nature makes them a perfect watchdog. A Lhasa Apso is perfect if you are looking for a watchdog with a gentle and caring personality. Overall, it is a gentle, smart, silly, and affectionate dog.

Health and Care

Lhasa Apsos are generally healthy but prone to a certain health condition. Hence, it is necessary to ensure you buy a healthy puppy.

Check for health clearances, and see to it that your dog receives proper vet care. In addition, they should be updated with their vaccines, feed them nutritious foods, and address any discomfort and health conditions to prevent them from progressing.

Their long fur requires regular care and their exercise needs are mild to moderate such as several short walks a day.

Common Health Problems

  • Cherry eye (a red mass in the eye resembling cherry)
  • Patellar luxation/slipped stifles
  • Allergies (food, contact, and other chemicals)
  • Sebaceous adenitis
  • Keratoconjunctivitis sicca
  • Progressive retinal atrophy
  • Familial inherited renal dysplasia


Lhasa Apsos have a long, straight, dense, beautiful coat. Keeping their coat beautiful requires some work. You have to brush their coat on a daily basis.

Frequent bathing is also needed (once a week). If you don’t have plenty of time to brush their coat, you might want to consider cutting their hair.

However, Lhasa Apsos are more beautiful when their coat is long. Their teeth have to be brushed at least twice a week, and their nails should be trimmed regularly. Check the ears for any signs of infection and discomfort.


It is quite challenging to house train Lhasa Apsos. Be patient when training them. Impose positive reinforcement such as the praise and reward system, and, most of all, be patient and consistent.

They are naturally intelligent dogs, but their puppyish nature can get in the way. Overall, Lhasa Apsos are a perfect watchdog and family pet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Lhasa Apso breed price in India?

A. Buying a Lhasa Apso Can cost you somewhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.25000.

Q. What is Lhasa Apso breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A. While a Lhasa Apso can cost you around $500 to $1000 (USD, $) in the USA, in Canada the price can range from Can $500- Can $1000 (CAD, Can$). In the UK, a Lhasa Apso can cost around 200 to 700 pounds (GBP, £).

Q. Do Lhasa Apso’s make good family dogs?

A. Lhasa Apso’s are adorable and devoted dogs that are, usually considered as lap dogs by many, making them a great family dog, especially for family with small kids.

Q. Do Lhasa Apso’s shed?

A. Yes, Lhasa Apso’s do shed a lot as they have long, beautiful coat and thus, require constant grooming to keep the same in control.

Q. What is their average life span?

A. A Lhasa Apso’s average life span usually ranges between 13 to 14 years. However, they can also live more than that easily if properly taken care of.

Q. Do Lhasa Apso’s need regular exercise?

A. Yes, Lhasa Apso need minimum amount of daily exercise. Taking them out on walks everyday will be sufficient for them.

Q. How much does a Lhasa Apso usually weigh?

A. A Lhasa Apso usually weigh around 12 to 18lbs (5.4 Kgs – 8.1 Kgs).