Popularly known as a sub breed of Tibetan Mastiff, the Himalayan Sheepdog originated in Nepal and Northern India. It is used as a herder as well as a companion dog due to its whimsical yet obstinate nature. 

Himalayan sheepdogs are large and energetic and enjoy outdoor life even though they are a rare specie to find outside of their homeland.

They endure fearlessness and courage and are also suitable to be kept as guard dogs. They can be stubborn and hence need a strong leader or a master to be kept in an acceptable behavior throughout. This post talks about all you need to know about this amazing breed. 

Quick Information

Other NamesGaddi Kutta, Bhutey Kukur
Height26-32 inches (2.1 – 2.6 Feet)
Weight62- 84lbs (28.1 Kgs – 38.1 Kgs)
CoatLong, dense, rough
TypeSheepdog, Herding Dog, Companion Dog
Good with ChildrenYes
Good with PetsYes
Country of OriginIndia, Nepal
Tendency to droolModerate
TemperamentWhimsical, obstinate, willfull
Life span10 years
ColorsBlack, light brown, beige
SheddingAll year long



The Himalayan Sheepdog are said to be originated from Nepal and Northern India, especially the Himalayan region.

The breed is specifically concentrated in the Northern areas of India including Kashmir, Northern Himalayas an even parts of Eastern Nepal.

Even though the complete description of its origin is unavailable, what majorly has been derived is that the strength and agility it endures has made it an ideal breed of dog to pet in harsh and difficult terrains. 

Temperament And Behavior

  • Himalayan sheep dogs are rather social dogs and to develop a bond with them for the owner and their family is not a difficult job.
  • It has an energetic endeavor and is more suitable to live in areas with high open land availability rather than an apartment.
  • However, sometimes Himalayan Sheepdogs may also show conflicting characteristic traits.
  • Even though they come out as really patient and mellow dogs, they can sometimes act stubborn owing to their courage, agility and intelligence. 

Health And Care

  • Himalayan Sheepdogs are generally healthy and energetic but demand plenty of exercise sessions everyday.
  • Outdoor exercises like running, hide and seek, tug of war with the owner can prove to be a great booster for the dog’s mental and physical well being.
  • Apart from daily activities, giving them food which is high in protein and low in empty carbs like corn and soy are the best for their well being.
  • Any food item which has whole food like real chicken and sweet potatoes is always a good recommendation to begin with.

Some of the common diseases that Himalayan Sheepdogs can face are as follows:

  1. Arthritis
  2. Patellar luxation
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Hip dysplasia
  5. Elbow dysplasia


  • Himalayan Sheepdogs require moderate grooming. They have dense and thick hair which shed all year long and hence require brushing atleast twice a week.
  • However, they do not demand regular and frequent baths because they perform a pretty good job at keeping themselves clean in general. 
  • However, if the dogs of this breed play in damp grass or in rain, they should be thoroughly dried off or their coat becomes musty.
  • Brushing regularly will keep their coat shiny and healthy and keep their shedding to minimum levels. 


  • Himalayan sheepdogs require obedience training else their strong willingness and confrontational attitude can get them to be a big problem for their owner and the family.
  • There shouldn’t be any delay in the beginning of obedience training. The ideal time to commence  it is as soon as the dog is brought home for the first time. 
  • But the whole focus shouldn’t be fixated on obedience training. It is always a good time to teach them basic commands like sit, stand, come, go and so on.
  • They also be trained to put their agility to use as they can prove to be great guard dogs and do a commendable job on field in protecting their owners against any threat. 

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Q. What is the breed price in India?

A. A Himalayan Sheepdog dog in India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000.

Q. What is the breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A. While a Himalayan Sheepdog puppy can cost anywhere between $600 and $650 (USD, $) in the USA, it can cost 1200 pounds (GBP, £) upwards in UK and around $600 (CAD, Can$) upwards in Canada.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Himalayan Sheepdog?

A. A Himalayan Sheepdog can live on ana average somewhere between 10 years, and sometimes even more.

Q. What is the average size of an adult Himalayan Sheepdog?

A. While a male Himalayan Sheepdog can grow up to 32 inches (2.6 Feet) tall, a female Himalayan Sheepdog can grow up to a height of 26 (2.1 Feet) inches.

Q. Are Himalayan Sheepdog a friendly breed?

A. A Himalayan Sheepdog is usually friendly with his owner and his family and the dogs it grew up with but it happens only when they are provided with adequate obedience training.

Q. Do Himalayan Sheepdogs need exercise?

A. Yes, Himalayan Sheepdogs are active dogs that require some sort of exercise daily.

Q. What is the average weight of a Himalayan Sheepdog?

A. A Himalayan Sheepdog is a large breed dog and can weigh anywhere between 62 pounds to 84 pounds (28.1 Kgs – 38.1 Kgs) easily.

Q. What should I feed my Himalayan Sheepdog?

A. Himalayan Sheepdog dogs need nutrition-rich food that provides it with the required amount of energy. They should be given protein rich food which low in empty carbs.