The Combai dogs are Indian hound dogs known for their immense strength. In the ancient times, they were used as war dogs by their masters.

Besides, they are also said to be the ideal house pets as they display immense loyalty and protectiveness around the people they live with. 

The dog owners enjoy their high prey instincts but also the dog’s affectionate side simultaneously.

These dogs are ideal recruits in defense and police forces due to their impressive problem-solving abilities and their huge self-esteem which they attach with their work. 

Quick Information

Other NamesKombai, Indian Boar Hound, Indian Boardog
Country of OriginIndia
Group (of Breed)Hound
Climatic ConditionsNot good for cold climate
Good with ChildrenYes (if it is trained from the early age)
Height22- 26 inches (60.96 Cms)
Weight66-77 lbs (29.9 Kgs- 34.9 Kgs)
CoatShort, straight and rough
BreedPure breed
Tendency to droolmoderate
TemperamentBrave, aggressive, intelligent
Life span12-15 years
ColorsTan or reddish brown



Originating from Southern India in the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerela, Combai Dogs are as ancient as 15th Century.

The purity of their bloodline is sometimes questioned due to unavailability for archaic data but it is for sure that they were used in wars between the kings.

They were also used by Indian soldiers in their fight against the British army. 

However, as one of the most ancient dog breeds, their presence and activity has dwindled to a level that they have been placed in the critically endangered category. 

Temperament And Behavior

Combai dogs openly display aggressiveness, alertness and agility. They are said to have nervous temperament but this comes to use when they protect the owner’s house or provide their services in the police and defense forces. 

They hold themselves high when it is about their integrity and self-esteem. On the other side, they also display playfulness and affection and can make for great companions. 

Health And Care

  • Due to their aggressive nature, Combai dogs demand a day full of activity and exercise. They resent sitting idle as bring out the negative side of them.
  • Long jogs and walks along with exercise for a couple of hours keeps them in the best of their health. 
  • They do not reach well to cold climate. They should not be left unsupervised. 

Common Health Problems

Combai dogs are kind of less likely to fall sick. If they are acclimatized to suitable temperature, humidity levels and terrain, they can display good health. Although, some worrisome symptoms can be:

  1. Vomiting and bloating
  2. Fever
  3. Excessive drooling for long durations
  4. Delirium
  5. Lumps under skin
  6. Odd colored urine


Combai dogs are low maintenance dogs and can be groomed at home with regular medicated baths, thanks to their indigenous short hair. Their dense and thick coat ensures that they do not shed much. 

Saturated fats, salts and sugar is a big no for Combai dog’s health. Feeding them rice and chicken or meat with bones are the best recommendations for keeping their dental health and jaw strength in check. 


  • Behavioral training is extremely essential for Combai dogs.
  • Beginning with basic commands and then eventually teaching them to recognize between good and bad is said to be the best training procedure for them. 
  • They can occasionally display bad or nervous temperament; hence, they should not be trained harshly but be made to socialize regularly and be trained with positive incentives like snack treats. 
  • They are quick learners which means that training comes as second nature to them.
  • Sniffing, detecting, chasing, catching, displaying obedience are some practices one should train Combai dogs for. 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Q. What is Combai breed price in India? 

A. A Combai dog in India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 9000.

Q. What is Combai breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A. While a Combai puppy can cost anywhere between $100 and $140 (USD, $) in the USA, it can cost 350 pounds (GBP, £) upwards in UK and around 300 can $ (CAD, Can$) upwards in Canada.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Combai?

A. A Combai can live on ana average somewhere between 12- 15 years, and sometimes even more. 

Q. What is the average size of an adult Combai?

A. While a male Combai can grow up to 26 inches (60.96 Cms) tall, a female Combai can grow up to a height of 24 inches (60.96 Cms).

Q. Are Combai a friendly breed?

A. A Combai dog can be friendly and affectionate to the people it socializes with regularly but also display harshness and bad temperament occasionally. 

Q. Do Combais need exercise?

A. Yes, Combais are active dogs that require heavy exercise daily. 

Q. What is the average weight of a Combai?

A. A Combai is a large breed dog and can weigh anywhere between 60 pounds to 80 pounds (27. Kgs- 36.2 Kgs) easily.

Q. What should I feed my Combai?

A. Combai dogs need nutrition-rich food that provides it with the required amount of energy. Rice, meat with bones and chicken is heavily recommended.