Cats for Sale in Newcastle

Cats are a favorite pet at home, especially for English people. Newcastle, in particular, has a regulation that says owners should have their cats and dogs registered. There is an online registry portal for cats and dogs.

It simply goes to show how caring and sincere Newcastle is when it comes to the welfare and well-being of cats. If you are from Newcastle and would want to have a cat in your home, we give you below a list of pet stores where you can get high-quality cats.

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Pet shops and kennels addresses where you would get cats for sale in Newcastle

1. Cats Protection – Newcastle upon Tyne Charity Shop

82 Clayton St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5PG, United Kingdom
+44 191 261 1456

2. Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter – Claremont Road Arrivals Centre

Claremont Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 4NL, United Kingdom
+44 191 232 2878

3. RSPCA Shop

200 Shields Rd, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 1DU, United Kingdom
+44 191 276 1560

4. Jollyes – The Pet People

West Denton Retail Park, W Denton Way, Newcastle upon Tyne NE5 2NF, United Kingdom
+44 191 286 7589

5. Pets at Home Newcastle Byker

Shopping Park, 8 Fossway, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 2UJ, United Kingdom
+44 345 600 3686

6. Cats Protection – Tyneside Adoption Centre

Green Ln, Felling, Gateshead NE10 0QH, United Kingdom
+44 191 653 1052

7. Robinson’s Pet Store

Grainger Market, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 5QW, United Kingdom
+44 191 232 3717

8. For Paws

15 Church Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 1TX, United Kingdom
+44 191 284 3103

9. Cats Protection – North Tyneside charity shop

166 High St E, Wallsend NE28 7RP, United Kingdom
+44 191 262 7377

10. Brysons Animal Shelter

Galloping Green Rd, Gateshead NE9 7XA, United Kingdom
+44 191 487 5858

Buying and Adopting Cats in Newcastle

  • There are many pet stores that sell all types and breeds of cats. Some are still kittens, while others are already full-grown adults.
  • When it comes to buying cats, you have to make sure you know what you are getting, especially the breed and age.
  • Some breeds are difficult to train when they are already at their adult age, especially if it is your first time having a cat.
  • Therefore, you have to do your research well prior to buying a cat.

Important things you should take care of while buying and adopting cats

  • Think about the breed you want to have and assess if you can keep up with the breed’s diet and grooming needs.
  • Check the license and reputation of the pet store or breeder to ensure you are buying from a highly reputable source.
  • Make sure that the cat has already received age-appropriate vaccines to ensure it will not have any cat-related diseases or conditions that can be prevented by timely vaccines.
  • Make your home cat-ready and cat-friendly.