How to train a Cat | Kittens : Tips and Tricks

How to Train a cat? when gaining knowledge of a way to train your cat, you may start with very ...
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why-does-my-cats-lics - Pets Plaza

Why Does My Cat Lick My Hair?

Cats appear to revel in their self-grooming sessions when they’re wide awake. When you have multiple puppy you could have ...
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do-cats-hate-fruits - Pets Plaza

Do Cats Hate Fruits

The answer is yes! Cats hate culmination because they don't have any receptors for sweetness. Cats cannot feel the taste ...
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most-popular-cat-breeds - Pets Plaza

Most Popular Cat Breeds in India

Bombay Cat They look quite similar to a miniature form of a black panther. They have captivating, striking golden eyes ...
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