The Caravan Hound dog (pronounced as US: Keh · ruh · van-hownd) is a medium-sized breed characterized by its long and lithe body that resembles a Greyhound.

It was originally bred for guarding, hunting, surveillance, and protecting the border of the Indian territory.

Quick information

Other namesMaratha Hound, Mudhol Dog, Pashmi Hound
TemperamentLoyal, territorial, independent, easy to train
Height23 to 29 inches (1.9 – 2.4 Feet)
Weight48 to 62 pounds (21.7 Kgs – 28.1 Kgs)
Lifespan10 to 15 years
CoatShort and dense
ColorsCream, black, gray, sable, red, and fawn
Litter Size2 to 7 puppies
BiteReverse scissor
Breed GroupHound
EffortsRegular Exercise & Training
Suitable forExperienced dog owners, Those who are looking for Watchdog
Guarding PotentialExcellent

History of Caravan Hound Dog

Caravan Hound dog is an ancient breed of Indian descent, specifically the Deccan Plateau of India. It was an offshoot of Saluki and introduced to India by mercenaries and traders from different parts of Asia.

They were once called “karwani” or caravans as they ran alongside the caravans. The Kennel Club of India recognized the breed and named it Caravan Hound.

In some parts of India, particularly in Karnataka, the breed is known as Mudhol Hound, named after a quaint town in Bijapur District. 

Temperament and Behavior

Caravan Hound seems to be aloof because of its independent personality but is a clever and keen hunter. It is cautious with strangers.

It does not like to be touched by people it does not know. However, it is loyal and gentle to its master.

Should you wish to be friendly to strangers, you have to train early. The key to maintaining positive behavior is to train the dog at an early age using proper training and socialization.

However, you have to be wary as Caravan Hound tends to be aggressive when nervous, especially if they are not treated gently. 

Health and Care

Caring for Caravan Hound is easy as it is not a needy breed. It requires a non-intrusive grooming routine.

It does not require regular bathing; you have to bathe it on an as-needed basis to prevent stripping the coat of natural oil.

However, they shed regularly, so you have to brush them once or twice a week using a slick brush or a rubber curry comb.

It will help remove dead hair and keep their coat glossy and healthy. Keeping the ears clean and dry is a must to prevent ear infections. 

Common Health Problems

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Eye-related problems
  • Ear infections
  • Bloating 


Caravan Hound does not require much grooming because of its short coat. All it takes is weekly brushing. It does shed but in moderation. 


Training should be started at an early age as Caravan Hound is a clever breed. It is easy to train and works best with an experienced dog owner. Their built and stature fit well in extreme conditions. Its strength and stamina work well in stressful environments.

However, the cleverness of this dog poses challenges to dog owners as Caravan Hound has its own will. The key to unleashing the beautiful traits of such a breed is to train at an early age. 

Q. What is Caravan hound breed price in India

A. A caravan hound can cost you between Rs.8000- Rs.10000 in India.

Q. What is Caravan hound price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A. A caravan hound will cost around $600-$800 (USD, $) in the USA, CAN $1000- $1200 (CAD, Can$) in Canada and around 1100 pounds (GBP, £) in the UK.

Q. Do caravan hounds shed a lot?

A. No, caravan hounds shed minimum amount of fur as they have soft, short coat.

Q. What is the average life of a caravan hound?

A. Caravan hounds usually live up to 10-15 years, and are known for good health and not being prone to any severe diseases.

Q. Do caravan hounds need regular exercise?

A. Caravan hounds are hunting dogs that are very active with great stamina and thus require good amount of daily exercise.

Q. What is the average height of caravan hound?

A. The average height of a male caravan hound is usually between 26 to 29 inches (2.1 – 2.4 Feet) and of a female caravan hound is between 23 to 26 inches (1.9 – 2.1 Feet).

Q. Do caravan hounds make good family pets?

A. Caravan hounds are not only loving and well-behaved, they are very patient with children making them an excellent choice as family pets.

Q. What is the average weight of caravan hounds?

A. Caravan hounds have an average weight ranging from 49 to 62lbs (22.2 Kgs – 28.1 Kgs).