A hybrid of Beagle and Labrador, a Beagdor has undoubtedly inherited the best of traits from its parents’ breeds.

With the physical make up like a Beagle and solicitous as a Labrador, this breed is a whole complete package of fun and warmth. 

The dog is medium sized and is well known for being sporty, more so because it is agile and enjoys jogging and walking.

This multi- talented breed enjoys the company of all types of people and is often spotted in combination of up to 3 colors: majorly black, white and brown. The loyalty and obedience you spot in Beagdors are priceless. 

Quick Information

Other NamesLabbe, Labbe Retriever, Labeagle, Labrador Beagle Mix
Group (of Breed)Sporting, Hounding
Country of OriginUSA
Good with ChildrenYes
Height19-24 inches (48.26 Centimeters – 60.96 Centimeters)
Weight25-45 lbs (11.3 Kgs- 20.4 Kgs)
CoatSmooth, dense and short
Tendency to droolmild
TemperamentPlayful, loyal, courageous
Life span10-15 years
ColorsBlack, brown, white



One of the most popular dog breeds in the world, Beagdors are said to be originated in USA. The hybrid was rather intentional than accidental in order to merge the best traits of the parent breeds.

However much the information of their exact origin in unknown, the product of the crossbreed is worth a good consideration to adopt. 

Temperament And Behavior

Beagdors are fun loving, obedient and intelligent. They are naturally excited and energetic which points to the fact that they require a lot of nurturing, attention and exercise.

Due to their genetics being derived from two variedly different breeds, their endeavour can be dubious sometimes. 

But like every coin has a second side, this excitement can prove to be detrimental if they are not trained properly.

Their attention seeking trait makes them suitable for a family which is ready to devote time, more so the one with kids. However, as they grow old, they tend to become calmer. 

Health And Care

To maintain a proper healthcare system, this breed should be trained and exercised since their early life. They are prone to diabetes and hence 45 minutes of exercise daily is a must.

This should not be a problem as they enjoy walking, jogging and have an inherent love for swimming. This also helps to cut down on their restlessness. 

Due to their inherently excited nature, they need to be engrossed in some or the other kind of activity across the day. This makes them a well responsive and trained breed and keeps their behaviour in check. 

Common Health Problems

Beagdors are said to inherent a lot of health issues from their parents, the most common of which are mentioned below:

  1. Dysplasia
  2. Bloating
  3. Bacterial infections
  4. Patellar luxations
  5. Cold tails
  6. Cataracts

With proper care, the aftermath can be avoided to a huge extend. They might also adopt certain genetic health problems.

The best idea is to maintain a good diet and keep them exercising. Spoiling them with some love and attention is definitely cherry on the cake. 


Beagdors shed moderately because of which house maintenance is a must. The best flip side to it is that brushing them is restricted to as less as once or twice a week. 

They also demand weekly baths, nail trimming and teeth brushing to avoid bacterial infections. 

Overall, they are not very high maintenance per say. 


The best way to train a Beagdor with the utmost basic etiquettes is by hiring a well-known expert in the field.

Due to their inherent personality traits and characteristics, positive incentives and techniques will make them learn quicker.

Since Beagdors are food loving creatures, food treats can be used to calm them down when they become unruly. Socialisaing at an early stage along with proper training can bring out the best in them. 

Frequent Asked Questions – Faqs

Q. What is Beagdor breed price in India? 

A. Beagdor dog in India can cost you anywhere between Rs. 15000 to Rs. 28000.

Q. What is Beagdor breed price in USA, UK, and Canada?

A. While a Beagdor puppy can cost anywhere between $300 and 4600 (USD, $) in the USA, it can cost 1000 pounds (GBP, £) upwards in UK and around CAN $600 (CAD, Can$) upwards in Canada.

Q. What is the life expectancy of a Beagdor?

A. A Beagdor can live on an average somewhere between 12 to 15 years, and sometimes even more. 

Q. What is the average size of an adult Beagdor?

A. While a male Beagdor can grow up to 16 inches (40.64 Centimeters) tall, a female Beagdor can grow up to a height of 15 inches (38.1 Centimeters) .

Q. Are Beagdor a friendly breed?

A. A Beagdor is usually friendly with all kinds of people they meet. They are fun loving, caring, obedient and energetic

Q. Do Beagdors need exercise?

A. Yes, Beagdors are active dogs that require some sort of exercise daily. Usually, it is recommended to take them jogging, brisk walking, swimming daily.

Q. What is the average weight of a Beagdor?

A. A Beagdor is a medium sized breed dog and can weigh anywhere between 22 pounds (9.9 Kgs) to 25 (11.3 Kgs) pounds easily.

Q. What should I feed my Beagdor?

A. Beagdor dogs need nutrition-rich food that provides it with the required amount of energy. Pedigree food can be a good choice.